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Our Mission

About usThe mission of the Vancouver Executives Association is to promote business and share ideas with trusted business leaders in a non-competing environment.

Our Vision Statement

To be Vancouver’s premiere business association offering professional networking and fellowship through committed membership.

The Executives’ Creed

I believe in the Vancouver Executives Association because it stands for mutual interests, service from each to all, for cheerful cooperation, for more real efficiency, for success based on merit, for interchange of useful information, for constant progress in things that are worthy.

I believe in the organization because its precepts urge me on, always satisfying, always promising, and though it has hours of leisure and lighter vein, yet it is an organization with a purpose, and does not forget that its members do not idly dream or drift, but have hard work to do and loads to lift.

A Long, Colourful History

The Vancouver Executives Association (VanEx) was founded in 1920 by a group of Vancouver’s leading businessmen who decided to form a group for the purpose of assisting each other’s business success through cooperative networking. By limiting membership to one company per business classification, an atmosphere of openness and sharing was assured. Since members were all decision-makers within their respective firms, whatever the size, business dealings were easily facilitated.

Over the years, names changed and businesses evolved. There is no longer a company that delivers coal and sawdust in a horse and buggy and typewriter dealers are now computer specialists. Despite the constant change, the basic VanEx ideology has endured:  to promote good business in an atmosphere that is collegial, congenial, and cooperative.


VanEx is a member of the International Executives Association (IEA) , a world-wide network of over 100 similar organizations.

VanEx meets weekly at the Terminal City Club in downtown Vancouver where members enjoy a noon program that allows for both the formal and informal exchange of ideas, information and opportunities to meet or learn about potential new clients.

After lunch, a member speaks about her or his firm. Over time, these presentations provide members an in-depth understanding of each other’s companies and business products and services. What flows from this are helpful business insights as well as business transactions.

Occasionally,  meetings are held at various member businesses. These on-site, catered events allow members to showcase their businesses by introducing their staff and management while providing  first-hand information on how their company works.

Guest speakers are regularly invited to share their ideas and expertise on matters of finance, commerce, community affairs, sports, crime, and other matters of general and specific business interests. The Annual Economic Forecast, held in January, features speakers whose talks help guide business decisions for the upcoming year.

Today’s Value Proposition

WE BELIEVE THAT:  Success-minded owners and executives of established, growth-focused businesses in the Vancouver Metropolitan Area

SHOULD BE ABLE TO:  Be better managers, create better performing businesses and develop profitable relationships

BY:  Learning from other business owners with similar challenges, exchanging sales opportunities, establishing trusted long-term business relationships, in a non-competitive environment

THROUGH THE ABILITY TO:  Understand how other businesses deal with critical challenges, anticipate problems before they occur, optimize the organization / operation of their businesses, gain additional sales revenue from high-quality business opportunities, and access to the right people through direct referrals

AS A RESULT OF:  Regular interaction with a tight knit, trusted community of peers, educational speakers and panel discussions, and the resulting natural generation of ideal business opportunities

FOR AN INVESTMENT OF:  2 hours of your time and $90 per week


Membership is corporate and limited to one company per business classification.  The resulting non-competing environment encourages a maximum sharing of ideas and information. Applications for membership are carefully screened and only those applicants who adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards are accepted into the organization.

Membership is comprised of:

  • Active Membership (the company is the member and has 1 or more representatives)
  • Associate Membership (past representatives no longer active in business)
  • Honourary Membership (past representatives who have served as President and whose companies are no longer members)

Interested in learning more about membership or how to become a member?  Contact our Executive Director Patricia Tait at [email protected] or  604.684.0660.

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