President’s Award Winners

The President’s Award is given out in conjunction with the Past President’s event. The prestigious award is designed to recognize an outstanding member for their meaningful and unselfish contribution to the Association. This contribution must be substantial and enduring. This is why the award is not given out every year and is only given out for extraordinary contributions.

The selection committee has a fixed structure made up of the Executive Director, Immediate Past President, Membership Chair and the previous year’s winner(s). The Immediate Past President chairs the committee. Nominees may not be members of the selection committee. Recipients may receive the President’s Award one time only.

The following are the list of President’s Award recipients.

2004Clay Derochie
2004Peter Clarke
2005Peter Scott
2006Mike Corney
2007Jerry McKenzie
2009Ed Kry
2010Marketing Team
2013Jack Blachford
2014Linda Enns
2018Ray Salama
2019John Chandler
2020Sylvia Ellis
2022John Ribalkin
2023Paul LeBlanc

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